Piknik originally started out as a small market stall selling jams, preserves and other produce that had been ‘picked and nicked’ from local farms and orchards along the Bellarine Peninsula. Today the original recipes are still used to create all of fantastic preserves right here on site at PIKNIK  where we create authentic, great tasting relishes, jams, chutneys and sauces made from seasonal local produce. There is no such thing as downtime in the hospitality game and should there be a quiet spell that's when you find find us chopping, dicing, squishing and squashing all the goodies that come through the door. Its sometimes bloody hard, sticky and messy work but there is something really rewarding when you pull the jars out of the oven and fill them with our super tasty preserves.  

Whether you are after something to spread on your morning toast (Apricot & Vanilla Jam), stir through a pasta for a quick snack (Rustica) or load into your salad sandwich (Picallili) we have every sweet and savoury flavour going on here at Piknik.

Our Piknik Gluten Free Quince Baked Muesli is a must for every pantry and you can also pickup fresh Allpress coffee beans and grinds. Olive oil from many of the producers here on the Bellarine are also available as well as a great selection of local wines & beers.